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It's a new world of cloud-based development and continuous delivery.This book contains ideas and tactics that winning software teams are using to release faster, innovate faster, and reduce stress. I meet with these teams. I always learn something new, and then I update this eBook to continuously improve it.

The master plan is:

1) Release more frequently

2) Improve

So, Unblock! and release more frequently. It will be fun.

Unblock! A Guide to the New Continuous Agile

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Why continuous? Why did my company have to release more frequently? Two different ways to do continuous delivery - Centralized, and Distributed. Our most popular subject: how your role will change if you do programming, QA, management. Essential tactics to hide and unveil new features at the right time. Skim through agile task management starting with roadmapping, the essential Scrumban, and diving deeper into Kanban and Continuous. Three major changes in how you do product management. Advice that is SURE to make your life easier if you work with distributed teams.

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At CTOForum in August I explained continuous delivery and large scale MAXOS to the top tech guys in Silicon Valley - in only 10 minutes.


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This video from my sold-out presentation at New England Agile in March, 2014 contains much of the latest material..